Hello Jacked World

Hi, I’m Simon, one of the writers/producers of the feature film JACKED, and I will be your emcee on this website for the next year or so. Most of the content on this website will be promotional in nature but I expect that, if you’re a young filmmaker, you may also glean one or two lessons from what I share here.

JACKED in a nutshell:

It’s a low-budget thriller set in the woods in Upstate New York. My fellow screenwriter, John Fucile, and I have been working on scripts together since the mid-90s. The majority of our collaborative output has been feature film scripts that required bigger budgets than we could possibly raise ourselves or contracted writing services for other filmmakers. (You can read more about our credential highlights on the Team page.)

For our 11th collaboration (and 7th feature script), we decided to write something that would force us to get off our asses and make ourselves – a story with a very small cast and very few locations.

JACKED was written over the course of 3 weekends and is our first script in the suspense/thriller genre (a well-suited genre for small casts and very few locations.) You can read the story details on the About the Film page.

JACKED is based on a true story. In other words, 2 pages of our 90-page script actually happened in the same time period in which the story is set – the 1980s. The rest is fictionalized. (John will explain this in greater detail in an upcoming video which I will link here when it becomes available.) Suffice to say, we listened to a lot of 80s Music when we wrote this script.

We also have plans for 4 more JACKED films (2 sequels/2 prequels) that would take place in the 1960s, 1970s, 1990s, and 2000s. These other films within Jacked World would put our ‘anti-villain’ into a much wider context, reveal how he got to be who he is in this film, and give him the opportunity for redemption later in his life.

We’re very excited about making this film and getting it in front of your eyeballs. There’s much more to come. I’ll be putting updates into blog posts like this and adding any new images, photos, audio or video files to our Media page.

-Simon Fraser, Writer/Producer, JACKED