About the Film

A Sunday in 1987. On a warm summer’s day in Upstate New York, a group of teenagers gather at a rural watering hole to party.

While the rest of the gang leaves at dusk, Jay and Lindsay remain behind to fix their flat tire. As they make out in the front seat of their car, they encounter a drug-addled creep who has stalked them all day.

Over the course of the night, the creep terrorizes the young couple until they are forced to run him down with their car and make their escape.

The decade of MTV, the 1980s exudes the strongest nostalgia for independent-minded Generation X audiences. It was the final days of technological freedom, before the ubiquity of cell phones, email, and texting.

The music of the 1980s was consumed on cassettes in your car, in your bedroom, on your ghetto blaster. Radio was still king. It was a time of deep brand penetration to teenage demographics as the display of labels and logos became the norm in youth fashion.

It is this socially-isolated cultural landscape in which JACKED is set.